new things i am doing

the magic was limited to i will be increasing this by allowing the chance to get more magic in game. I am doing the with the affinity system, it works like this. powers or magic steams from the em waves that one produces with there perception of the world. you are to pick a idea winch represents winch magic you will be possible to learn. the closer the relation the better chance you will be able to learn a new spell if you come across it, it will also have a stronger effect then. however if you try to learn something that you do not have an affinity with something bad might happen to you.:) the affinity must be related to your current ability in some form

limit break’s
you are free to pick one on the condition that it is not over powered and will not kill everything.
it must also me related to your affinity.
limit bark’s occur when you go under 10Health without going unconscious.
and of course i can veto anything so don’t get mad

anime references everywhere XD

Academe city

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